Benefits of Data Optima

  • Data Optima gives you the ability to create logic-based queries of historical data of interest for such things as capital adequacy requirements
  • Your Compliance Officer can create logic-based inquiries of your historical data to be able to identify trends or exceptions

  • Using Data Optima, your Internal Auditor can scan your historical data looking for the occurrence of desired events or unusual transactions
  • Data Optima enables you to create Midas reports which can be specifically tailored to the requirements of the particular user

Sample Applications

Customer Lending Enquiries

Overview of facilities with associated loans and customers. Linked to:

  • Amount History
  • Loan amendments
  • Rate history
  • Repayments
  • Fees
  • Postings
  • Accounts

General Ledger Balances by Country and Region

Country and Region (Eurozone, Other EU, Outside EU). Switch between balances in Base, Head Office, or Local Currency.

Income & Expense by Profit Centre & transaction

View the postings for individual loans or deals. View postings by profit centre. Summarise postings by profit centre and by Year or Month-end.

Standing Data Enquiries

Instantly switch between enquiries of Midas data: Accounts, Loans, books, branches, account codes, account officers, Brokers, base rates, facility types, account keys, countries, facilities etc.

Historical account balances

Quickly view account balances, or any other account details, by date. Goes back as far as the retention period. Linked to postings.

Audit trail

View transactions fields that have changed since the previous day.

Balance Sheet Profit & Loss

Balance Sheet Profit & Loss based on Midas reporting sets. Built from balances and postings. Can be split by profit centre, book or pretty much anything else.